Built for Agencies

Custom User Logos

Custom User Logos

Choose a logo to appear in the top left corner for each user. Brand it with your client's logo for a great user experience.

White-Labeled URL

White-Labeled URL

Ensuring agencies could brand LeadBrain as their own and offer an exclusive product to their clients was at the forefront of building this software.

Choose a sub-domain at sign-up and create a CNAME record for a whitelabeled URL.

Provide Access to Clients

Clients can log in to mark leads as won or lost and insert their value, allowing you to measure the real dollar

Flexible Permissions for Clients

You can control what data your client sees.

  • Turn on/off any of the snapshot boxes on the Leads page
  • Selectively allow edit and delete permission
  • Control access to the reports section

Finally have real numbers in real-time

Save hours trying to discover the same data manually. Now you have real-time dollar figures available at your fingertips to prove your effectiveness.

Use LeadBrain to collect, track, and measure your leads and determine ROI. It's easy to get started!

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